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One stop for all your backup power and shelter needs!
Check out the latest in Environmental Control Panels (ECPs)!
(Please note: We do not ship outside the United States)\

Updated technical specs for 2016!
What can we do for our Customers?

Decommission: We can connect a portable power supply to protect all your DC equipment from interruption while we remove your old equipment
We can inpsect your site, review photos and drawings, assess your power needs and determine the best solution for you now and in the future
: We can perform a ground survey at your site and provide all service necessary to bring your site up to standard and safe.
HVACs: We can repair or replace your building & shelter HVACs
Installation: We can install new battery plants and pre-tested power equipment, turn it up, and seamlessly transfer your DC equipment back to the new without interruption.
Maintenance: We can provide long term and preventive maintenance, offering 24/7/365 response for all your emergency needs.
Procurement: We can order all of your parts and equipment, secure the best prices available and assemble & pre-wire your equipment
Transportation: We can transport your equipment safely to a mountain top or have it drop-shipped to your location.
Shelter Rehab: We can perform all levels of shelter rehabilitation necessary to restore your shelter integrity and bring it up standard - from the floor up.

Yes We Can! We can do it all!

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